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The EastTennesseeWeather.com team is dedicated to informing the public of severe and hazardous weather, providing accurate forecasts, and promoting weather awareness in the community. Since 2008, ETW has been constantly monitoring the weather and tracking severe weather threats. Via our website, Facebook, and Twitter, we post our forecasts, weather updates, and severe weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service. Not only do we provide superior up-to-the-second weather info, but we also ensure it is viewer-friendly and easy for the general public to understand.

We are always expanding and exploring new ideas; constantly seeking new ways to bring the weather to you. Feel free to contact us…we appreciate all comments and suggestions from our followers.

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The Team

Heather Roberts-Chief Meteorologist
Heather Roberts


Slater Teague-Lead Forecaster
Slater Teague


Chris Schild-Director of Field Operations
Chris Schild


Angela LaMotte-Assistant Director of Field Operations

Angela LaMotte








Field Team

Pete Aistrop
Pete Aistrop
Wise County, VA